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Which M241 / M251 log files contains the start and stop information?

Published date: 04 September 2018

The Fwlog.txt files has has the Start and Stop time information.
Thi file is available under usr/Syslog/Fwlog.txt

You can retrive the file using SoMachine or using an FTP client tool like FilleZilla.  

The format of the file looks like this:

Epoch time  | Number of seconds since 1/1/1970|         0 = Stop, 1 = Start                                                                                          
1504094116 (30/08/2017 11:55:16.002) C1 'MainLoop(UpdateCoDeSysLateConf)': 0, C22
1504094118 (30/08/2017 11:55:18.825) C1 'AsyncTask128(UpdateCoDeSysLateConf)': 1, C23

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