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What would cause the ATV320 drive to power up with a blank display?

Published date: 11 December 2019

The ATV320 drive powers up with a blank display.

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Power board is inoperative or rectifier circuit is inoperative.

Check Line voltage on L1, L2, L3 to make sure it is balanced and correct.
Check the DC bus voltage across PA(+) and PC(-).  It should be (line voltage) x 1.414.  [eg  480V x 1.414 = 678Vdc].  If not, the rectifier is inoperative.
Check the +24Vdc-COM voltage.  If sagging, remove the 24V wiring to see if the external circuitry is shorting out the supply.
Drive will need to be replaced if it is found to be inoperative.

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