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Fine Tuning of Enercept Meter Data Logging

Published date: 01 October 2018

Some intervals are missing while there is no communication problem:


Product Line
Enercept meters

Translator file in PME 8.1 (and older versions; in PME 8.2 the parameters are adjusted for Resolution 1)
ION_Network database

Some parameters require fine tunning

Resolution 1:
1. In .../System/Translator folder find the translator files for Enercept meter (.ION and .XML files). Make the following adjustment:
a) In the .XML file find what HighSpeedUpdateRate is set to (normally it is set to 60). 
b) In .ION file find 'StalenessThreshold' and adjust it such that it is 2.5 times the HighSpeedUpdateRate; 150 in this case (2.5 x 60)
2. In ION_Network database, in the Device Type table, find the entry for EnerceptMeter and set the following parameters:
a) IONBufferSize_bytes to 32768
b) UnsolicitedTickPeriod_ms to 30000

Restart ION services.

Resolution 2:
If the changes in Resolution 1 doesn't fix the gaps go back to the .xml file.  Adjust the MaxRequestRegisters to a lower number, by default it is 125.  Keep lowering until the gaps go away.  In some cases one will need to go as low as 10.
Restart ION services after changing the .xml.

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