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With the IP00 Rating on ATV61 in E-Flex or MCC can you replace with ATV71

Published date: 15 April 2020

Since ATV61 in an E-Flex uses IP00 rating, can you replace with an ATV71?

Product Line:
Altivar 61 Altivar 71

E-Flex Altivar 61 AC Drive replacement options

The ATV61 has the Power Identification parameter that the ATV71s do not.  For instance you could replace ATV61HD55N4 (IP00) with an ATV71HD75N4 because the Frame Size is the same for both drives. However, if the next size ATV71 is a different Frame Size, you could work with the Regional Drive Application Engineer, however, you would likely need to replace the package. 
** Also keep in mind that the Altivar 71 is ONLY a valid cross if the customer is not using Bacnet, Apogee P1, or Metasys Communications for monitoring or control.

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