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What is fixed with UnityPro_V130_HF1 ?

Published date: 26 February 2019

What is fixed with UnityPro_V130_HF1 
What is fixed with UnityPro_V130_HF1 
Product Line
Unity Pro v13, M580, Quantum
Unity Pro v13
 This Hot Fix UnityPro_V130_HF1 fixes the following issues.  

Fixes Issue found on Unity Pro V12:  
1. M580 CPU Address Setting: Identifier doesn't accept "-" FB display difference in FBD between Unity 8.1 and 12.  
2. Unity pro crash after several Rebuild all.  
3. ST language - JMP instruction after jump never executed.  
4. After DTM update on the PC,DTM instances are not updated.  
5. Variable name not displayed in LL984 network.  
6. Free running control variable in FOR loop.  
7. Animation issue on private variable of DFB.  
8. Bug in Unity Pro ProWORX conversion. FOR loop doesn't work when JMP is programmed just after.  
9. PLC datadic signature not updated upon bias change.  
10. Nested DFBs do no inherit the “Exchange on STBY” data.  
11. Properties for section LL994 change when opening ZEF file.  

Fixes Issue found on Unity Pro V11.1:  
1. Reopening the .STA project file isn’t possible. 

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