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PM55xx meters now supports Ethernet/IP communication protocol

Published date: 04 September 2019

Does the PM5500 meter supports Ethernet/IP

Product Line
PM5560 (METSEPM5560)
PM5563 (METSEPM5563)

Communication protocol support

PM55xx meters does support EtherNet/IP communication protocol starting with Firmware 2.5.2 that was released on Feb 2018. Meters with older version of firmware need to be upgraded to version 2.5.2 to support Ethernet/IP protocol.

PM55xx Firmware Version 2.5.2 can be downloaded from here

EtherNet/IP features overview:
The CIP (Common Industrial Protocol) application layer defines a set of application objects and device profiles that define common interfaces and behaviors. In addition, CIP communication services enable end-to-end communication between devices on the different CIP networks. EtherNet/IP maps the CIP communication services to Ethernet and TCP/IP, enabling multi-vendor interoperability between devices on Ethernet as well as with the other CIP networks. 

EtherNet/IP defines two primary types of communications:
•    Cyclical Exchanges (Implicit Exchanges)
•    Messaging (Explicit Exchanges)

EtherNet/IP is enabled by default on firmware v2.5.2. This feature can be enabled/disabled by navigating to the EtherNet/IP settings available through the meter’s display under Maint > Setup > Comm, or via the relevant section in the meter’s web-page interface.

For more details on the EtherNet/IP features in PM5500 Series, please refer to the PM5500 Series User Guide version 05 or later.

More information:
You may find firmware, user manual, installation guides, and other documentation on the Schneider Electric Shopping Kiosk, or the Schneider Electric Web Site.

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