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Preventa XU - Is the XPSMP safety controller able to monitor the XUSL4E safety curtain? If yes, how to connect?

Published date: 07 June 2019

The XPSMP safety controller with 2 independant functions, is suitable only for the monitoring of the light curtain with relays in OSSDs, because XPSMP needs control outputs to energise the contacts to monitor. XUSL4E or XUSL2E light curtains have solid state outputs; so they cannot be associated to this XPSMP unit. Since 2005, we do not have anymore light curtain with relay contacts in our offer. Alternative solution is to propose the XPSAK safety relay dedicated for the monitoring of light curtain with solid state outputs; either the XPSMCM safety controller for several light curtains monitoring. Attached XUSL4E & XUSL2E typical wiring diagrams in standalone solution or in XPS unit associations.

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