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Video: Workaround for Locked Arithmetic Modules in ION Setup

Published date: 27 September 2018

A user would like to edit the modules in ION Setup, but display the error 'Attempt to access Hardware Locked Module denied' when attempting to modify the module.

Product Line
ION8650, ION8600
ION7650, ION7600, ION7550, ION7500, ION7400, ION7300 series
ION8800, ION7700

ION Setup 3.0
Advanced Mode Modules

Modules can become hardware locked on ION meters

The follow example can be applied to all modules in Advanced Mode. This example uses the Arithmetic Module. See ION Reference for detailed descriptions of the ION Modules.

Follow the steps below for a workaround to create an arithmetic module to modify:
1. Login to ION Setup

2. Under setup screens in ION Setup enter advanced mode. While holding the CTRL key, click on the device (left hand side of the screen) > all the modules in the advanced mode should appear
3. Navigate to the Arithmetic Module folder
4. Right-click in the folder (on the right hand side) then while holding the CTRL key, click on Insert Module

5. Enter unit password, a Create Modules window opens
6. Check mark an available Arithmetic Module, then click Create.

7. Arithmetic Module (with an X going across it) will appear in the list
8. Double-click on the new module to edit/modify the parameters.

NOTE: Suggested to start from the highest module and create modules until you reach one you can edit. There are multiple reasons about how a module can become locked and you will not be able to edit them. This way you can choose a module to create and have a higher chance of being able to edit/modify the module. Please refer to ION Device Template Reference for more information regarding Module Count and Locked Modules.

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