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Video: How to clear the list of deleted projects under recent projects in SoMachine Basic V1.6 after deleting a project file.

Published date: 09 November 2018

In SoMachine Basic V1.6, after deleting a project file, the file still shows up under recent projects but is grayed out. How do I clear the list of deleted projects?

Product Line:
SoMachine Basic
EcoStruxure™ Machine Expert

Version 1.6


To remove the deleted projects from the recent list in SoMachine Basic, go the following
1. Go to the following location C:\users\account name\AppData\Local\ Schneider Electric\SoMachineBasic\
2. Open the file "RecentFiles.xml" with notepad.
3. Delete the lines that have the old project name in it. example: <string>C:\users\account name\documents\ deleted project name.smbp</string>, remove the entire line and save the file.
4. Re-launch SoMachine Basic and the deleted projects should no longer show in the list of recent projects.

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