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M580 BMENOC03x1 Remote Device Disable/Enable bit used for Re-Connection

Published date: 24 July 2019

M580 BMENOC03x1 DIO_CTRL bit used for Re-Connection
Ability to get M580 BMENOC03x1 to Re-Connection to a remote device
Product Line
M580 BMENOC03x1
Unity Pro
The M580 or BMENOC03x1 Device DDT has a sub-element called DIO_CTRL which is an Disable bit used for closing a connection when set to a value of 1 (TRUE).
When this bit is turned OFF, then the M580 or BMENOC03x1 will initiate a new connection to the Remote device.
 If a connection is lost to a remote device then to reconnect PLC logic needs to turn ON the appropriate NOC Device Control bit for one PLC scan and then turn it OFF.
After the enabled Device Control bit goes OFF the NOC will retry connecting to the remote device.
The NOC Device Control bits are located in the Device DDT variable created for the NOC under the sub-element DIO_CTRL.DIO_CTRL[x] (x is the appropriate control bit)
The appropriate control bit is shown under the NOC Device List as [000] to [128] next to the name of the remote device.

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