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What happens when PRM losses PLC Ethernet connection ?

Published date: 31 July 2019

PRM losses PLC Ethernet connection
PRM losses connection to PLC
Product Line
Profibus Remote Master.
Unity Pro
Regarding the PRM side, When you disconnect the Ethernet cable on PRM front side you should see the LED RUN/STOP is blinking green. That means that our Profibus Master is in CLEAR Mode. When Profibus Master switches to CLEAR Mode, it sends a global control telegram to all slaves. The target to this global telegram is to inform all Profibus slave to apply their own fallback output values, Fail Safe Mode.

The Fail Safe mode determines the behavior of the DP Slave outputs when the Profibus Master is in CLEAR state: Select the Fail Safe check box, if this feature is supported by the device.
If the slave is configured to be Fail Safe and supports this feature, then it will apply its own fallback value (the Master sends outputs with 0 length data).
If not, the Master sends output data at 0.

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