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How to setup EGX300 FTP Export

Published date: 21 May 2020

How to setup EGX300 FTP Export

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How to setup the EGX300 FTP Export to download the FTP file from the gateway

Follow the procedure outline below to setup the EGX300 FTP Export:
  • Check to make sure the FTP Server is Enabled.
    • Login to the EGX300 webpage by entering the EGX300 IP address into a browser address bar.
      • Default login credentials:
        • Username: Administrator
        • Password: Gateway
    • Navigate to the Setup button > Ethernet & TCP/IP option > click on Advanced
    • Select Enabled on FTP server drop down > Click Apply

The EGX300 internal FTP is now enabled.
  • Select parameters for FTP Export
    • From the setup page, click Device Log Export (Opens the Device Log Export page)
    • Select FTP as the mode of transport (Opens the FTP device log export options)
    • Enable the Incremental check box (Select only new data logged since the last good send interval to be sent)
      • Note: If the Incremental check box is not selected, the whole log file is sent via FTP on each schedule interval
    • Select Daily, Weekly, or Monthly (Selects how often the data logs are transported)
    • Depending on which options you selected in the previous step, select the time of day, day of week, and/or the day of the month (Selects when the data logs are transported)
    • In the Server IP Address text boxes, enter the address of the outgoing FTP server ( to (Enters the address of the server transporting the data logs)
      • Note: Contact your network administrator if you do not know the address of the File Transfer Protocol (FTP) server
    • In the Server TCP Port text box, enter the FTP server port (Enters the outgoing delivery port)
    • In the Directory text box, enter the directory (Allows you to enter directory information)
    • Enter your username and password in the text boxes (Records your server login information)
    • Enable Passive check box (Sets FTP file transfer to be passive)
    • Click Test to test the FTP parameters you set, or click Apply (Sends a test file to the FTP server and directory, or applies the FTP settings)
      •  Note: Clicking Test applies the log export FTP settings and transfers a test file, and clicking Apply only applies the settings

The EGX300 FTP Export is now configured.

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