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How do I use a PCFL LKUP block with Unity Pro V13 and a M340 M580 or Momentum Controllers?

Published date: 05 November 2018

 The M340 / M580 and Momentum Controllers, does not allow to declared a Real data type on a ODD boundary.
Since the PCFL_LKUP requires to have Real Parameter on ODD and Even boundary it is recommended to have the starting address on a Odd boundary
and re-aligh the Input to be on an ODD boundary  This logic can be used with a Quantum and Premium PLC but is not required*)

PCFL LKUP Starting address is %MW2001

Parameter real data type declaration

ST example for loading value to parameters (1st part is not required)  2nd part of the ST section realigns the Input real data type to an Even boundary.  You can choope the prefer programming language,

Realign Input real data type to an ODD boundary.  (FBD sample)


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