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Can BMXCPS4002 power supply work in BMXXBP type backplane?

Published date: 25 October 2019

BMXCPS4002 power supply with BMXXBP type backplane
BMXCPS4002 power supply inserted in a BMXXBP type backplane
Product Line
M340 M580
Unity Pro
 The BMXCPS4002 can work with BME and BMX type racks as a standard single power supply. A redundant configuration requires the Redundant BME type racks.
Like existing X80 power supplies:
•    It can only be inserted in the dedicated slots and it does not count in the number of available slots for IO modules.
•    An “Alarm” relay is provided with the same functionalities: the relay is close when power is delivered to the backplane and CPU is in RUN (in case the power supply is located in the CPU rack)
•    A Reset button is present with the same function: to reset all the backplane (not the power supply itself)
•    It can be inserted into existing BMX / BME racks

The BMXCPS4002 can be inserted alone in the following racks like all the other BMXCPS•••: (However, no advanced diagnostics)
•    BMXXBP0400
•    BMXXBP0600
•    BMXXBP0800
•    BMXXBP1200


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