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Does the M340 support Ethernet Remote IO?

Published date: 24 September 2018

The M340 does not have Ethernet Remote IO (BMxCRA312xx) capability. An M340 PLC can not be setup to control the BMxCRA312xx adapters. 
Only an M580 or Quantum PAC has the capability to control the BMxCRA312xx Remote IO Adapters.

When using just M340 PLCs in a remote communication setup, each M340 PLC requires a CPU with a Unity Program at each location.
ModbusTCP is typically used to communicate between the different M340 PLCs. IO Scanner and/or READ_VAR/WRITE_VAR can be used depending on the hardware.

The M340 family does offer a Ethernet only stripped down CPU, BMXPRA0100, for use in 'remote' station communications.
The BMXPRA0100 CPU would be programmed with Unity, just like any other M340 PLC, to map the remote station's IO modules.
The Unity Program for the BMXPRA0100 CPU would need logic to move the local IO module Data to and from %MW locations for control by a central M340 PLC that would be reading and writing the remote BMXPRA0100 station.


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