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Video: How do I use UMAC V2.2 to convert a Unity Quantum application to an M580 application?

Published date: 19 April 2019

Converting a Unity Quantum application to an M580 application using the UMAC v2.2 tool

Product Line:
Quantum, Unity Pro, M580, 1MMCSVCZMSXAZZ,

In order to use the the UMAC conversion utility to migrate a Unity quantum application to M580, the user must meet the following criteria.

      1: The user must have Unity Pro XL =>V12.0 installed on his PC
      2: UMAC V2.2 will only accept a Quantum ZEF file created in Unity Pro XL => V12.0
      3: Install UMAC and select upgrade to "Standard" mode.
Conversion process  
      1: Launch the UMAC converter using the "Run as Administrator" option.
      2: When prompted, point to the Quantum ZEF file you wish to convert to M580
      3: Execute the conversion when prompted by UMAC.
      4: Save the converted ZEF file.
      5: Generate conversion report from within UMAC.


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