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Why do I get an Error 1850 when trying to download a Vijeo Designer Project to an HMI?

Published date: 05 November 2018

This error occurs when a secondary or optional drive is configured but not present.
For example the User Application in the Data Location could be set to Optional or Secondary drive.  If this drive is missing the Error 1850 is generated during the download.

Error description in Vijeo Designer.
Error 1850: [Target] [target name] Secondary drive is full or not found. Check the Data File location setting.

The Secondary Drive on the target machine is either full or non-existent.

This error occurs when working with the Data Files, Recipes, and Target nodes, and the DownloadTo property in the Property Inspector for those nodes are set to Secondary Drive.

When this error message appears, the download process may have paused.


Do not turn off the target machine.

  1. If the download process is paused, cancel download.

  2. Insert into the target machine a valid Secondary Drive with enough capacity to hold the entire project and associated data files.

  3. Start the download.

If the error message displays again, you do not have enough capacity on the Secondary Drive to hold both the user application and data files.

In the Data Files, Recipes, and Target nodes, set the DownloadTo property to Main Drive and download again.


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