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Certificate for the USB driver is reported as expired after updating.

Published date: 25 October 2018

“Driver files for Windows7 are SHA2-signed, whilst the ones for Windows10 are WHCP-signed.

Since July 2016, driver files for Windows7 are SHA2-signed and require to have Microsoft’s Security Hotfix KB3033929 installed (mentioned first time in Release Notes of Service Release July 2016). Please assure that this hotfix is installed.

New driver versions don’t become active automatically, if once an older version had been associated to the physical USB-port. This might be another reason for error code 52. Please assure that the latest installed "BMX CPU"-driver version is associated to the physical USB-port by applying the following procedure:

1) Open Device Manager and expand the node “Modems”
2) Plug USB-cable to a physical USB-port to see "BMX CPU"-device appearing
3) Select the appearing "BMX CPU"-device and check that Driver Version: and Driver Date: 01/26/2018 is associated to this physical USB-port in its context menu’s “Properties->Driver-tab“.
4) If another Driver Verion is associated, “Uninstall” the "BMX CPU"-device via its context menu and then unplug and replug the USB-cable to the same physical USB-port.
Select once again the appearing "BMX CPU"-device and verify in its “Properties->Driver-tab“ that the expected Driver Version  is now associated to the physical USB-port.”

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