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How can I import/export DTM from BMENOC03x1 on Unity Pro 13.1?

Published date: 22 August 2019

This new feature has been introduced on Unity Pro v13.1 and alllow to import a BMENOC0321 or a BMENOC0301/11 module configuration and all the devices configured behind the NOC master DTM.    

Product Line
Unity Pro, M580, BMENOC0301, BMENOC0311, BMENOC0321

Unity Pro 13.1, BMEP584040 v2.80, BMENOC0301 v2.15

This is a new feature and some customer are not familiar about how to do it. So, you can follow the steps bellow to import the DTM configuration.
  • Export the module with DTM configuration and it will create a .zhw file
  • Use M580ApplicationUpdate.exe to make a file conversion. This tool is located in the same program directory as Unity Pro software, by default C:\Users\Public\Documents\Schneider Electric\Unity Pro\Extras\M580 Application Update
  • You can check the compatibility of the file
  • Select an empty slot of the M580 main rack and import. E.g., you can import for the same project or for another project

P.S.: You cannot import twice (or more) the same exported file (.zhw) in the same application.

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