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How many records can a DLOG function support?

Published date: 27 June 2019

The number of records that a DLOG function can support is a direct function of the amount of memory available for logging in the controller, the number of configured logs and the type of data that is being logged.

For example, a SCADAPack 32 is being programmed with two logs. The first log records the time/date stamp and three unsigned analog input integers, the second log records the time/date stamp and four floating-point registers. Both logs will log data at the same interval. This results in the following word usage per record, or each time data is logged:

Log #1 :
Time/date stamp X 1 = 4 words
Unsigned Integer X 3 = 3 words
Total: 7 words per record

Log #2 :
Time/date stamp X 1 = 4 words
Unsigned Integer X 4 = 8 words
Total: 12 words per record
Total for both logs: 19 words per record.

The SCADAPack 32 can log a maximum of 466,000 words. Therefore the maximum number of records for both logs is:

466,000 words / 19 words per record (total for both logs) = 24,526 records.

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