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How can you set up torque control on the ATV930 Process drives?

Published date: 25 September 2018

How can you set up torque control on the ATV930 Process drives?

Product Line:
ATV930 drive


Wants to control the motor torque thru the drives torque control settings. 


Programming: Main menu to Complete settings to Generic Functions to Torque Control 
Note that the motor control type must be set to SVCV, FVC, SYn or FSY modes.

Torque/ Speed switching (TSS)
Yes= Permanent Torque control 
DI1 thru DI16 =digital inputs for switching between speed control and torque control. 
CD00 thru CD10 = Virtual digital inputs CMD0 thru CMD10 for IO Profile.
CD11 thru CD15= Virtual digital input CMD11 thru CMD15 regardless of configuration.
C101 thru C110=  Modbus Serial in IO Profile mode
C111 thru C115= Modbus serial in any mode

See the attached document for options configuring the Torque/Speed switching.

Torque reference Channel  (where is the torque ref going to come from?)
AI1 thru AI3
AI4 thru AI5 = if you have the extended IO option card. 
Ref. Freq-Rmt Term (HMI)
Ref Freq Modbus
Ref Freq CANopen
Ref Freq Com module
Embedded Ethernet
DI7 Pulse input thru DI8 Pulse input

Torque Ref Assign
Choose Digital inputs ( See attached document for more options)

Torque Ref 2 channel for 2nd torque reference. (Optional)

Torque Ref sign (Optional)

Torque Ratio= factory default is 100%

See the attached document for more Programming options. 

Please note that the Drive which is in toque control will still need to run at a fixed low speed or use FR1 as the speed feedback.  The torque reference will need to come form the Torque ref channel setting. 


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