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How do I setup a Read_Var in SoMachine Basic ?

Published date: 27 November 2018

 How do I setup a Read_Var in SoMachine Basic ?

Product Line:


Configure the Master IP Address
  1. Select ETH1
  2. Enter IP Address, Subnet Mask and Gateway Address

Enter Slave IP Address
  1. Select Modbus TCP
  2. Enter Slave IP Address in IP Address Box
  3. Press Add Button
  4. Observe Slave IP Address and Index (Index will be used as ID in Read_Var)

  1. Select Function Block
  2. Cursor down to Communications
  3. Select Read_Var

Enter Read_Var settings
  1. Change Link to ETH1
  2. Change ID to match Index from Configuration of ETH1 Modbus TCP
  3. Change FirstObj to 100 (This will be address to be read from Slave)
  4. Enter Quantity of Addresses to be Read

Enter Destination on Master (register to store Read on the Master)

Set up Timer to Read once per second.


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