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Do we have, in UnityPro software, to restart all the BMeNOC301 configuration, if we migrate a BMeNOC0301 to a more recent version?

Published date: 26 September 2018

 In UnityPro, customers are able to configure a version of couplers BMeNOC0301.n. Later, new versions of the couplers offers new features.  Customer who need to use these new features have to migrate in UnityPro software, the module to a more recent version . Is there a possibility to export the configuration of a coupler from the initial application and import it from an application using new version of the coupler?

Yes it's possible. Without restarting a new configuration.
For this we have developped an application converter software. This converter allows to pass in the application from a "BMeNOCxxx Vn" to "BMeNOCxxx Vn+1".
For exemple , the converter available in UnityPro V13 allows to migrate a BMeNOC V2 in BMeNOC V3.
For exemple , the converter available in UnityPro V13.1 allows to migrate a BMeNOC V3 in BMeNOC V4.
The converter is available in the application browzer :Schneider-Electric/Extra/M580_application_update.   A Userguide is available.

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