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Video: How do I download firmware to a M172 Optimized Controller?

Published date: 13 November 2018

Upgrading Firmware on Modicon M172 Optimized Controller

Product Line
All M172 Optimized controllers.

SoMachine HVAC - Device version 2.4.1

When upgrading SoMachine HVAC, the firmware of your M172 may need to be upgraded to match the version of your upgraded software.


In order to download the firmware you will need the following:

A USB A to USB MINI cable.
SoMachine HVAC Device software
A copy of the Mskxxx_xx.bin file ( included with each software release) i.e. Msk596_06.bin for SoMachine HVAC version 2.4.1

Procedure for downloading firmware to a M172 controller:

1. Launch SoMachine HVAC Device
2. Attach to the M172 controller using the USB cable
3. Open you project and select the target in Device.
4. Connect to the controller via modbus
5. Select BIOS Download
6. Select the Browse button and select the Mskxxx_xx.bin file for your version of software.
7. Select Download firmware.
8. When the message "download complete" appears, the firmware is upgraded.

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