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Video: How do you upgrade the firmware on a M580 processor?

Published date: 14 November 2018

Upgrading Firmware on Modicon M580 CPU

Product Line
Modicon M580 ePAC

M580/Unity Loader


You can update the CPU firmware by downloading a new firmware version with Unity Loader.
Download the firmware through a connection to one of these:
  • CPU mini-B USB connector 
  • CPU Service port 
  • Ethernet network

The firmware file is a *.ldx file.

1. Install Unity Loader software.
2. Connect the PC that is running Unity Loader to the CPU.
3. Launch Unity Loader.
4. Click Firmware tab.
5. In the PC list box, select the .ldx file that contains the firmware file.
6. When connected with Ethernet, check that the MAC address indicated in the PLC box corresponds to the MAC address marked on the CPU.
7. Check that transfer sign is green to allow transfer from PC to CPU.
8. Click Transfer.
9. Click Close.

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