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Why am I receiving "Secure mode connection mismatch" fault on my Tesys T when trying to connect to a PLC?

Published date: 03 October 2018

Tesys T shows "module fault error secure mode connection mismatch 16#320 vendor specific error code in the somove file network port frame type setting changed " when trying to connect to a PLC via Ethernet IP

Product Line:

LTMR Tesys T product.

All models with Embedded ethernet, All serial numbers.

Incorrect Ethernet configuration.

This fault occurs when the IP address of the Tesys T device and the "Master IP" address are set the same.   The "Master IP" address should be set to the address of the controller that will be commanding the Tesys.  "Master IP" is used to prevent the Tesys from following commands from multiple, or incorrect controllers.   When a "Master IP" address is set, the Tesys will follow commands from that address only.  By setting the "Master IP" address the same as the Tesys itself, we remove  its ability to accept commands from the network.  It is effectively expecting commands from itself.

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