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What are the warranty options for PowerLogic and ION monitoring and control products?

Published date: 15 March 2019

Product Line
PowerLogic and ION Monitoring and Control Products


A customer may require information about the standard warranty and additional extended warranty options for PowerLogic and ION products.

  Warranty Options Available
Product Range Standard Warranty (Months) Option 1 Option 2  Option 3 
Energy, Power, and Power Quality Meters
ION8650 Series 120      
ION7400 Series 60   X X
ION9000 Series 60   X X
PM5000 Series 60   X X
PM8000 Series 60   X X
3020 Series 18 X    
BCPM Series 18 X    
CM4000T Series 18 X    
EM3500 Series 18 X    
EM4000/EM4800 Series 18 X    
EM4200 Series 18 X    
EM4300 Series 18 X    
EM4800 Series 18 X    
EM4900 Series 18 X    
EMB/EME Series 18 X    
ION6200 Series 18 X    
ION7550/ION7650 Series 18 X    
PM3200 Series 18 X    
iEM3000 Series 18 X    
Energy Servers and Gateways
EGX Series 18 X    
Com'X Series 18 X    

The warranty starts from the date of invoice of the products. 

Standard Warranty: The duration of the standard warranty is specified in the table contained in this document. 
Option 1 – Extended: 2 to 5 years from Shipment.
Option 2 – Extended: 6 to 10 years from Shipment.
Option 3 – Premium support: 10 years from Shipment.

Please see the attached document for more detailed information on the Standard Warranty and Extended Warranty Options.

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