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Please suggest solution for E20 error in ATV212 Drive?

Published date: 07 October 2018


If you are facing E20 fault during declaration, we suggest the below 

1. Do factory reset of the parameters typ = 3 and enter. It will change the parameter setting to factory default value. 

2. Set the motor nameplate parameters in motor control menu and do a auto-tuning F400 = 2 and give start command. F400 will change to 0 automatically after successful completion of auto-tuning. 

If the problem is not solved after above implementing above two suggestions, The E-20 is an over toque boost fault this is similar to a OBF in your case. 

Try the following action: 

Set the parameter F418 and F419 - follow the programming manual to fine-tune(increase or decrease to optimize) this parameters. Because at first it seems your inertia is very heavy that may be the root cause of your E-20, hence you will have to change this parameter. 
if it doesn't work 
put AU1 to 1 
increase the DEC ramp. 
and modify F418 and F419. 
We hope it will help to optimize the torque boost and solve the problem. 

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