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How to Save a Report in PME?

Published date: 04 September 2019

How to save a report in PME?

Product Line
PME 8.x
PME 9.0

Web Applications

Would like to save a report in the PME Web Application module to re-use the report, instead of re-creating the report every time.

  • You can save a report before or after you generate it. In both cases, you need to specify all of the input parameters for the report.
  • If you intend to create a subscription for the report, you need to ensure that all of the input parameters are selected in the Save Report dialog before you save it.
  • If you intend to generate the report manually rather than by subscription, you can select the input parameters in the Save Report dialog that you want to save and specify the remaining parameters when you select the report for generation
Steps to save a report:

Click a report definition in the Report Library pane to open it in the display pane.

Specify all of the input parameters required for the report.

If you do not want to generate the report, click the Save icon on the Report Library toolbar to open the Save Report dialog, or click Generate Report and after the report has been generated click the Save icon. The Save Report dialog opens.
Type a name for the report in the Name field.
In the location box below the Name field, select the location for the saved report or click New Folder to create a new folder it. (Note that you cannot nest one folder inside another.)

In the section at the bottom of the dialog, select show previously saved inputs and clear the check boxes for the inputs that you do not want to save with the report. When you generate one of these reports, you need to enter information for the inputs that were not saved.
Click OK to save the report with the inputs you selected.

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