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How do I setup IO Scanning with a M221 to a ATV630 ?

Published date: 05 November 2019

Enter Master IP Address
  1. Select Configuration Tab
  2. Select ETH1
  3. Enter IP Address
  4. Enter Subnet Mask
  5. Enter Gateway
  6. Click Apply

Enter Slave IP Address
  1. Select Modbus TCP IOScanner
  2. Enter IP Address
  3. Check Enable Modbus TCP IOScanner
  4. Select Drive
  5. In Drop Down – Select ATV630_ETH_DIRECT
  6. Press Add

Create Drive
  1. %DRV0 is created after the Add button was pressed.
  2. You can also assign a Reset variable to restart IO Scanning if communications was lost.
  3. Press Apply

  1. Hit Programming tab
  2. On All of my rungs, I added a Contact and named them so they show up in animation table.
  3. Select Function blocks->DRV and Select MC_Power_ATV

Configure MC_Power_ATV0
  1. Select Axis
  2. Select %DRV0
  3. Press Apply

Add Motor Controls
  1. Add MC_REST_ATV0 and Select Axis (%DRV0)
  2. Add MC_MOVEVEL_ATV0 and Select Axis (%DRV0)
  3. You can change VEL here or In Animation Table (MC_MOVEVEL_ATV0.VEL). Don’t Enable MC_MOVEVEL with VEL set at Zero. It won’t work.

Add More Motor Control
  1. Add MC_STOP_ATV0 and Select Axis (%DRV0)

Create Animation Table

Configure ATV630 with SoMove
  1. File-Open Find PSX file.

Connect to ATV630
  1. Select Communications
  2. Store to device

These are the Modified Parameters for the ATV630

Enter ATV630 IP address, Subnet Mask and Gateway Address. If you are changing anything you will have to Cycle Power to Drive.

This is the data that is going to be IO Scanned.

Back to SoMachine Basic
  1. Select Commissioning Tab
  2. Login
  3. PC to Controller (download)
  4. Start
  5. Select Programming Tab
  6. Get Animation Table
  7. Make sure %MC_MOVEVEL_ATV0.VEL has a Value other than 0
  8. Enable %MC_POWER_ATV0
  9. Enable %MC_MOVEVEL.ATV0
  10. Your Motor should be running

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