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Three types of Alerts in FL10 unit

Published date: 24 October 2018

There are three types of Alerts available in our float level system that uses an Accutech FL10 transmitter and Electrolab’s DLS probe. In all three Alert cases the only way to know which alert is indicated is to either see it on the face of the transmitter or retrieve it from the Status Register by parsing it in the RTU.

1. Sensor Alert (SENALRT) indicates the sensor could not be measured and is not valid. The FL10 is communicating with the DLS.

1. System Alert (SYSALRT) indicates the field unit cannot measure the sensor value. The FL10 is not communicating with the DLS .

1. Level Alert (LVLALRT) indicates possible degradation of the field unit level measurement. It is either a negative number or the two floats appear to be at the same level (touching?).

In the cases of 1 & 2 above, the primary variable and temperature registers will display a value chosen by the user through the initial configuration as per this table:

Fallback Setting

Top and Bottom Level


Full Scale

1638.35 inches

1338.5 °F (999 °K)

Zero Scale

0 inches

-459.67 °F (0 °K).

Last Valid Value

Last value received from the sensor

Last value received from the sensor

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