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What are possible reason for having custom logic fault on TEsysT that has not been detected by SOmove comliler?

Published date: 25 October 2018

SOmove software with TEsysT DTM is not able to simulate full TEsysT behavior. It can detect syntax errors, but writing wrong value to a LTMR register is not implemented in custom logic compiler. For example if new TEsysT fw version allows wider range for certain TEsysT parameters, the extended range can be easily implemented into DTM evolution (new DTM version) and so configuration seen in SOmove will be consistent with TEsysT parameters. But custom logic compiler is extra package and do not often pass evolution (Last evolution was done together with TEsysT fw 2.5 whre CALL_EOM instruction has been implemented).

Based on experience, 99% of errors where compiler says OK but TEsysT shows custom logic fault is caused by:
- missing "TMP" or "NV" text in the instruction
- wrong value (out of range) is written into LTMR register.
The rest of errors shown be detected by SOmove compiler.

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