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How can you read motor power on the ATV212 drives through lonworks?

Published date: 13 November 2018

Motor power status on the ATV212 drives through lonworks?

Product Line:
ATV21 and ATV212 with lonworks option card installed. 


Reading SNVT_Elec_Kwh_I: cumlative energy in kwh 

Via SNVT lonworks you will have only cumulative energy in kwh (SNVT_Elec_Kwh_I: cumulative energy in kwh)
You need to use the  Parameter access command requests "NviParamCmd", "NvoParamResp",  to read the parameter Output Power ( address in hex FE30 / 65072 in decimal , unit 0.01kw).
Please see the example on file attached.
Attached is also a PPT explaining in detail some ATV212 consumption parameter (input power, output power, input Energy and output Energy..)  with Logic address, you can by Lonworks read all these address ( like on Pdf example by Parameter access command ) and make a Lonworks monitoring table.


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