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Video: How do I flash the firmware of a Lexium 05 servo drive?

Published date: 20 June 2019

Flashing Firmware on Lexium 05 Servo Drives.

Product line:
Lexium 05A and Lexium 05B

The tools required for flashing the Lexium05 firmware are:
  • USB-RS485 adapter cable such as Schneider Electric's TCSMCNAM3M002P or an equivalent RS485 adapter.
  • The Lexium 05 Flash tool installation zip file.
  • The HEX firmware file for Lexium 05A or the HEX firmware file for Lexium 05B, depending on which model of Lexium 05 you are working with.
  • Instruction PDF file for flashing LXM05.  (This file is optional as for the information provided here should be sufficient.)

Open the installation zip file and install the tool by double-clicking on the setup.exe file.

After the tool has been installed, the tool will be found in the start menu under the Schneider Electric installed programs menu.

Apply 24 volts to the Lexium 05 drive to prepare the drive for flashing.
Connect your RS485 adapter cable to the RJ45 MODBUS communication port on the Lexium05 drive.
Start the flash tool.
Choose step 1, "Select firmware"
Navigate to the folder where you have saved the firmware HEX file(s) and select the file for your model of device.
Choose step 2, "Connect"
In the connection popup window choose the correct COM port which your RS485 adapter is using then click the connect icon.  ( You may need to use the windows device manager to discover which com port your adapter is using )
When a valid connection has been made the icon for flash will become available.
Choose Step 3, "Flash"

Make sure there is no possibility of losing the 24 volt power or disconnection of the communication cable during the flash process.
Interruption of the flash could result in a corrupted boot loaded which require the drive be sent for service!

When the flash process is finished the flash tool will show process completed in the flash message window.
The final step is to cycle off and then back on the 24 volt power to the Lexium 05 drive.

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