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How to disconnect EMC filter from ground on ATV process?

Published date: 01 November 2018

Instructions are very easy. Here is the guidance for disconnecting built-in EMC filter from ground on any ATV process drive. 

1. First, it is necessary to know the drive reference and associated drive size. If you look at ATV630/650 or ATV930/950 installation manual, in section "drive overview"  you will see all drives sizes and associated references. Memorize the frame size. 

2. For known frame size, scroll down in installation manual to section "operation on IT or corner grounded system". In ATV630/650 install manual (EAV643010_8) it is page 153. There you will find in description that the drives have place (or more places) with "ground sign" label and "ground sign strikethrough" label. And there is a screw in one of the position, either in position "grounded", or in position "not grounded" (by default in position grounded). 

3. To change "EMC filter grounded" to "EMC filter not grounded", just remove all screws on that places from position "grounded" to position "not grounded". Installation manual shows detail (1) that describes how drive must look with EMC filter grounded and detail (2) shows the view when EMC filer is not grounded. Notice, which places become empty (no screw) and which places will be filled with screw. 
All the places where builin EMC filter can be grounded/not grounded are shown on next pages as number of places depends on drive size.
For having EMC filer grounded, follows details marked as (1) and from having EMC filter not grounded it must look like detail (2)
Usually "not grounded" position is only empty space for storing the screw(s).

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