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Example of ATV630 booster control with multidrive architecture.

Published date: 06 November 2018

Example with booster control , multidrive configuration (with master redundancy) using 3 drives, all equipped by VW3A3721 card.

List of parameters that must be configured at first:

- Motor data+autotunig
- Basic setting (ACC, DEC, LSP, HSP)
- Macro configuration = booster control

Then the rest of parameters in the example are tailored for:
- pressure control (feedback on AI2, but can be used different input, pressure sensor with 0-10bars, internal setpoint 3.5bars, scaling PIF1, PIF2, PAL, PAH, PIP1, PIP2 can be modified)
- distributed mode (MPST)
- stage/destage conditions and method based on feedback (possible to change it to speed)
- first drive is master (MPDT=master). For second and third drive necessary to configure MPDT="master or slave"

Configuration for second and third drive will be the same except:
Second drive must have MGID=2, third drive must have MGID=3
Drives must have different IP address (VW3A3721)

Regarding the wiring:
1. All drives must have signal (application pressure) on their analog input. AI2 in this example. if signal from pressure sensor cannot be distrubuted to all 3 drives, external signal splitter must be added.
2. Ethernet cable wired for all drives (on VW3A3721, not embedded eth port). It is possible to wire them as daisy chain (Drive1.VW3A3721 - Drive2.VW3A3721.LeftRJ45, Drive2.VW3A3721.rightRJ45 - Drive3.VW3A3721) but then in case of power donw on drive 2, the drive1 and 3 cannot work. Better to use simple switch and wire all 3 drives into switch.
3. All 3 drives must be in RUN (run command present). The best if RUN command is first applied on slaves, then on master.

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