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ClearSCADA: Displaying Driver status on a mimic

Published date: 07 November 2018

Users who have access to the ClearSCADA server may check the driver status by selecting 'Status' from the ClearSCADA server icon and navigating to the General | Modules dialog.  The dialog will display the status of all drivers as follows:

Remote ViewX users, however, do not have this option.  For a remote ViewX user to display the status of a driver on a mimic, they must follow these steps:

1.  In ViewX select the 'OPC Data' view and expand the 'System Status' branch.

2.  Navigate to the 'Module' branch and locate the drivers you wish to display the status of (on the mimic).

3.  Expand each driver in turn and select the 'Driver' and 'Status' tags, dragging each one to the mimic

4.  The mimic should look something like this when finished.  Notice that the status of each of these drivers matches up with the highlighted drivers from the first image above.


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