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ClearSCADA: Pre-Upgrade Strategies

Published date: 14 May 2019

This article describes the recommended steps to prepare your system, prior to upgrading your ClearSCADA version.  At the time of this writing, the current version of ClearSCADA is ClearSCADA 2017 R2.

The Schneider-Electric Resource Center lists the current versions of ClearSCADA that are in support.  The table showing these versions may be found here:

It is recommended that users maintain a supported version of ClearSCADA for the following reasons:
   - to gain access to new drivers and features
   - feature improvements/enhancements are only available to versions of ClearSCADA that are in support

Pre-Upgrade Tasks

1.  Open ViewX and logon as the super-user (or as an admin user who has full privileges).  From the 'Database' view, right-click on the Root level object and select 'Export...' from the menu.  Select a filename and a location.  This will save the entire database configuration (all objects) as a single .sde file.

2.  Right-click on the server icon, select 'Configuration' and navigate to the System Configuration | Location dialog.  Ensure that all fields shown are common to the 'Database' folder as shown in the screen shot below.  If you are seeing other paths in any of the fields then make note as these file locations will need to be copied in the next step.

3.   Shut down the ClearSCADA server and backup the ClearSCADA database.  The steps to perform this task may be found by reviewing the following Technical Faq:

(Note: if other folders were defined in the 'Location' fields (step 2. above) then the contents of these will need to be copied as well)

4.  Upgrade your ClearSCADA license.  The steps to perform this task may be found by reviewing the following Technical Faq:

You will either need to contact your local rep or the ClearSCADA Licensing Group at in order to obtain an update to your license file/dongle.

5. Navigate to the Resource Center link below, select the version of ClearSCADA that you wish to download and click on the 'Download ISO' link for that version.

6.  Refer to the 'Further Information' section (for the ClearSCADA build that you just downloaded) in the Resource Center at the following link:

Review the following links to ensure your upgrade goes smoothly:

- Operating System Support
- Upgrade Strategy
- Version Compatibility
- Known Issues
- Release Notes

You are now ready to upgrade ClearSCADA.

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