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What is the default IP address for the ION7650 Remote Display (M765RD)

Published date: 23 November 2018

User needs to connect to the M765RD remote display, but does not now the default IP address

Product Line
M765RD, M765RDPS, S765RD, S765RDPS

Remote Displays

The remote displays for the ION7650 meters have a default IP address based on the MAC address of the device

To find the default IP address for these remote displays located the MAC address on the label located on the back of the display. After  you have the MAC address follow the steps below. 

1.) The format of the IP address is
2.) The last to octets are derived by the last two bytes of the MAC address. 
3.) Convert the last 2 bytes from Hexadecimal to Decimal
4.) Insert the two numbers into the format in step 1. 

See the example below:
Display MAC address: 00:60:78:01:12:DC

The last 2 bytes are 12 and DC respectively

Hex Conversion of the bytes:
12 = 18
DC = 220

Insert the converted bytes into the format from step 1.

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