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What is the replacement for the legacy Magelis iPC MPCKT55NAX20N?

Published date: 26 November 2018


The Magelis iPC MPCKT55NAX20N is now a legacy product no longer in production. What is its replacement?

Product Line
Magelis iPC, MPCKT series Compact iPC


Physical Windows-based HMI


The replacement for MPCKT55NAX20N is a combination of two parts:


The screen HMIDM7421:


and the CPU/Motherboard box HMIBMUHI29D4801



The information page for the original MPCKT55NAX20N:


On the above websites, please click on the "Dimensions Drawings" tab to review difference in the mounting solutions.


Please also see "MPCKT End of Life Instructions (ENVEOLI1404004EN_V1).pdf".



You may also want to consider these S-Panel PC one-piece panels:

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