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How to set up Modbus TCP/IP Address on AccuSine PCS+

Published date: 15 March 2019

User needs to configure Modbus TCP/IP on AccuSine PCS+

Product Line
AccuSine PCS+


To set up the Modbus TCP/IP address, perform the following steps:
  1.  Press Unit Settings
  2.  Press Display Settings
  3.  Press Advanced HMI Settings
  4.  Press the OFFLINE tab
  5.  Press Network (The HMI will shut down and restart)
  6.  Press the DHCP Tab and ensure the DHCP check box is not selected (The DHCP must be disabled to enter a Static IP)
  7.  Press Static IP
  8.  Enter the IPAddress, Subnet Mask, and Default Gateway (This will be provided by the facility's network administrator)
  9.  Press OK
  10.  Press To Run Mode
  11.  Press OK to shut down and restart the HMI

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