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Where can I disable alarms?

Published date: 27 November 2018

Where can I disable alarms?

Product Line
ION Setup
Power Monitoring Expert 8.x


Alarms can be setup onboard a meter or through software; such as through ION Setup and PME.

Resolution 1: Disable alarms via ION Setup
If looking to disable and alarm for an ION meter, Advanced mode will need to be used, follow the instructions below:
Connect to device
Hold Ctrl+left click meter
Navigate to Setpoint module folder
There are multiple ways to disable:
  1. Unlink the Source register
    • ​​Open Module
    • Under the Input tab, select Source and delete
    • Click Ok, then click Send. Now the Setpoint module is disabled, since there is no source register linked.
  2. Delete the Setpoint module entirely
  3. Link the Input register to a boolean OFF value. if the Enable Setup register is set to Disabled, this input is ignored and the module is disabled. Disabling the module forces the Status output register to Not Available, overriding the Setpoint condition. For example, an external Boolean module can be used as a switch to define an OFF value to disable the Setpoint module, see ION Reference document for details.
If looking to disable and alarm for a PowerLogic meter, follow the instructions below:
Connect to device
Open Alarming module or Onboard alarms/events (depending on the model type)
Select type of alarm
Uncheck the Enable box
Click ok, then Click send
Alarm has now been disabled
Resolution 2: Deactivate Alarms via the Alarms utility in PME
To use the Deactivate Alarms Utility:
  1. Open Management Console and select Tool > Deactivate Alarms to open the dialog.
  2. Select a date for the Show Active Alarms older than field if you want to change the default date.
  3. Click Load Active Alarms to display a list of the active alarms that are older than the date specified.
  4. Use the Select column to select the alarms that you want to set to an inactive state. You can also click Select All to select all of the alarms displayed in the grid. use Select None to clear the selection of any alarms listed.
  5. Click Set Selected Alarms to Inactive. The Active column displays N for all alarms set to the inactive state.
  6. Click Done to close the Deactivate Alarms dialog and then close Management Console.

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