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Why aren't the variables in Web Gate Data Scaled like the HMI server with .enableScaling()?

Published date: 27 November 2018

Issue: Web Gate variables are not data scaled like the HMI server.

Product Ranges: Vijeo Designer all versions supporting Web Gate

Resolution: Looking at the finer details in the Online help, the script method .enableScaling() is for External Variables (ie. PLC tags) only. In Web Gate, the tag list is a bit special. They are essentially "internal" tags that get their values over data sharing from the HMI. The HMI is connected to the PLC directly and Web Gate is only connected indirectly through the HMI. This script method will not work as expected in the Web Gate. We could workaround this but it would require some changes to the scripting. We could setup a global action script that would control the scaling (published to HMI Runtime only) that is triggered by a bit. For exampe, this bit would be the way to control within Web Gate. When the user sets the bit, then the the scaling script on the HMI will run. This would the allow the data to get to the Web gate client over data sharing and the HMI and web gate will have the same scaled value

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