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How can I transfer ATV58 config to ATV71?

Published date: 04 December 2018

First you have to connect PC with powersuite to ATV58 and save configuration to a powersuite file.
There are 2 options:
Apply factory setting to new ATV71 drive.
Check all modified parameters in ATV58 configuration and configure the same parameters manually in ATV71. If you canot find the same parameter name, look into ATV manuals.
THe rest of parameters that were in default values in ATV58 keep the default values in ATV71.  
Look at the attached file with possibility of configuration import to ATV71 somove. Bear in mind that this import was tested with olde SOmove and with ATV71 having older control block (512kB memeory). Tose ATV71 drives could be upgraded to fw 3.3, not newer. BUt if you buy ATV71 now, you wil get it with 1MB control block (with fw >5.x, probably 6.5), so conversion may face problems.
Also bear in mind that powersuite is not supported on win7 or newer. I recommend to do this on win XP, e.g. using virtual machine.

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