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PME 9. The dials in vista doesn’t show. In web applications they do.

Published date: 04 December 2018

The dials in vista doesn’t show. In web applications they do.
Here is the picture in the  7.2.2 system

Here in the 9.0


The Vista problem with the dials is due to the Region 'Format' setting. On my VM, it is set to English (Denmark). Change it to English (United States) and the dials come back. 
Many of those 'English (<some country)' variants are considered custom cultures, but I am not 100% sure of that. I will do some testing. 
I BUG was logged.  --See external reference -- 

Could you check the regional setting on your customer's server? - the Formats and the Location tabs. L4 found that some combinations do not work. L4 first though that it was the 'period' used as the time separator in English (Denmark), but then discover that using Location = South Africa and Format = English (South Africa) has the same problem and this may be what they are using. If ypu are OK with changing Format to English (United States), that should fix your problem. Or maybe English (Canada). That also works, and the date format is closer to the South Africa version. 

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