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Why does Vijeo Designer prevent me from adding more User Defined Data Types?

Published date: 10 December 2018

Issue: Vijeo Designer will show an error when there are more than 200 User Defined Data types in the application.

Product Range: Vijeo Designer 5.0 or higher.

Cause: There is a limit of 200 User Defined Data types in any Vijeo Designer project.

Resolution: Vijeo Designer will display an error when 200 or more User Defined Data types have been created. This usually happens when using the Symbol Import feature to link tags from a PLC. When there have been too many updates to your PLC project to an already imported DDT, the import utility will consider the DDT to be a new DDT. For example,  when you add a new element or member to the DDT definition in Unity, Vijeo Designer will treat this as a completely differnt DDT altogether. Take this for example, if you have imported Pump which is defined like this:

+ InFlow
+ OutFlow

and then updated Pump in Unity to add something like


It will treat the new Pump as Pump1, instead of the original "Pump" and so on. To avoid this type of issue, it is recommended to only link /update you symbols when you are closer to completing the PLC project. If you are developing them in parallel, perhaps try not to update the link too often until you really need to. The only real way to resolve this is to remove all the data types, remove the symbol link, and then re-link the tags so that the count is under 200.

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