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Why I do not success to transfert my old ZelioSoft application from the SR2MEM02 memory card into my Zelio SR2/SR3 device ?

Published date: 11 December 2018

When doing the operation to transfert an application from the memory card SR2MEM02 to a SR2/SR3 zelio device, the transfert could fail and Zelio will present a display error (message : “Transfer error / Config Incompat”) or a display with 2 first lines active, 2 last lines inactive
We changed our supplier for the LCD display in 2011 because of he has stopped his production of the original display that we were using since the beginning of production of Zelio SR2/SR3.

below the datecode of products reference for the change of display:
SR2B202BD and SR3B261BD:               date code 1125
SR2B121FU and SR2B121B                    date code 1148
SR3B261FU                                                date code 1151
All other SR2/SR3 with display :              date code 1140
note:data code is laser marked onto the side(see attached file)

We meet the issue to download when

  • we try to operate the transfert into a Zelio module equiped with a display and manufactured “recently” (more recent compared date code listed in above table)
  • we use a SR2MEM02 memory card having inside a program created with a ZelioSoft version lower than 4.4 and uploaded from an old manufactured Zelio (older datecode than listed in the above table) 
To create a SR2MEM02 compatible with any SR2/SR3 it’s necessary to
  1. open the original application file within a ZelioSoft version higher than V4.4  (latest version is V5.1)
  2. transfert the application into a recent SR2/SR3 device
  3. create the SR2MEM02 image ( by operating a transfert from Zelio SR2/SR3 device to memory SR2MEM02)     
This create a SR2MEM02 compatible with both old and recent manufactured Zelio SR2/SR3 device


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