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How it can be integrated Sepam Protection Relays using Sepam multi-protocol communication interfaces ACE850 ?

Published date: 30 December 2018

Com'X and ACE850 can communicated over Modbus TCP/IP protocol, ACE850 is not a Com'X library native device,
in many application where Sepam 40(fw version > 7.00), or Sepam 80(fw > 6.00) communication network
has been built using ACE850, it will be able to communicate with Com'X via the following configuration:

   1. From the Ethernet Devices Menu select "Generic Modbus TCP to Serial Gateway"
   2. Configure the Gateway with the IP Address of the ACE850
   3. From the Modbus Serial Devices Menu select the appropriate Sepam
   4. For the Slave ID, enter "the Unit-Id 255 or any value in the range 1-247"

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