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Why do I see a warning message when I set up Visibility Animation with a BOOL Variable in Vijeo XD v3.0?

Published date: 22 January 2019

In Vijeo XD v3.0, I am seeing a Warning "[Visibility] - Mismatched Data Type. Specify a valid data type." when I assign a BOOL Variable to a screen object's Visibility Animation. Is this okay?

Vijeo XD v3.0 Buildtime - Project Editor on a Windows PC

The Visibility Animation actually works for 3 states (of an Integer Variable), rather than only two of what a BOOLEAN variable provides. 
When the value is:
0 - the object is Visible
1 - the object is Hidden
2 - the object is Collapsed (Used for Content screens of Type: Uniform Grid, Stack Panel or Dock Panel)

The project can be used as-is. The Warning message will not affect the function of the Visibility feature in Runtime (Simulation or on the HMI itself). If a BOOL variable is used where a value of "False" = Visible, and conversely "True" = Hidden.
The object cannot be "Collapsed" in the case a BOOL Variable is tied to the Visibility Animation.

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