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What are the thresholds for PTC sensor open circuit, shortcircuit, overtemperature if connected to ATV600 option card?

Published date: 23 January 2019

If you use PTC sensor there is no configurable warning or fault threshold. The thresholds are fixed:
open circuit (R>100 kOhms)
short circuit (R<50 Ohms)
overheating (R>3 kOhm)
Moreover warning and fault comes at the same time. See attached page from option card manual. I added warning codes and fault codes (underlined), just replace x by 5 if your sensor is on AI5.

But if you use PT100 or PT1000, then you can configure parameters for warning and fault threshold. See attached screen from somove, parameters THxA for warning and THxF for fault with associated addresses. Actual temperature can be read from THxV.  

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